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Maternity clothing for wheelchair bou...

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My buddy is pregnant (Yay !). My guess is that regular maternity tops will be difficult for her to wear- too much bulk under the seat. Any advice on how to alter sweaters or shirts so they will work?

She has also asked me if I know of a source for maternity pants for the wheelchair bound - Apparently wheelchair pants go up higher than regular pants.

Thanks for your help...


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Sarah, there are a couple of books on clothing for people in wheelchairs, but I don't know whether they address the particular needs of pregnant women. My favorite maternity tops were as un-bulky as possible, made from fabrics like cotton velour and other soft knits. The tops need to be wide enough across the tummy and a bit longer in front, but the extra length won't be as necessary for her, since she'll be seated. For comfort, maybe they need to be shorter than usual in back.

About the wheelchair pants--do you mean that they go up higher at the waist? Because maternity pants usually do go up higher at the waist, to cover the tummy. In my experience, good maternity pants are a miracle, whether you're sitting or standing. I bought a pair of black, featherweight corduroy maternity pants that were so fabulous that I wore them constantly, and i never found any others that fit like this (they had adjustable buttons at each side front, so they never looked huge until i was huge...) I'd think that for her, rather smooth, close-fitting knit pants with a higher front waist might be a good choice.

Does anyone else out there have experience with maternity clothes for a woman in a wheelchair?

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Dear Karen -

Apparently pregnant and wheelchair bound do not often come in the same sentence, let alone in the same person.

My buddy tells me that the pants come up much higher at the waist for wheelchair use. She was wearing a pair of maternity leggings on Sunday that seemed to work fine.

I loved wearing Japanese Weekend pants. They were just so comfortable. I got rid of all my maternity clothing, I was so relieved to be done having babies.

My pal is pretty slender.


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Sarah, if your friend is slender, and already owns some stretchy pants, she may find that she doesn't need too many 'special' maternity clothes until the 4th or 5th month. Maybe you can just help her out with special needs as she gets bigger; that would be a great comfort, to know that you're willing to help.

Yep, i got rid of all my maternity stuff, too. I was nearly 40 and was happy to be finished with pregnancy. My sister just kept having babies (4 in all), so she got all the maternity and baby clothes I had....

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We understand how difficult (post #28601, reply #4 of 6)

We understand how difficult it is to find a best suitable maternity cloths for different stages of pregnancy and we have just the things for you. Have a look at our wider range maternity products we offer or contact if you have any doubts and we will be happy to help.

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Alteration of  clothes very much depends on the type of cloth. If it is in nylon form then it is difficult to undo its earlier stiching make to make it fit according to present size. For alteration of sweaters it is better if you contact the concerned alteror dealing with the alteration of woolen clothing. 

For maternity pants  for the wheel chair bound you can go visit online maternity sites few are mentioned as, morphmaternity,pinkblushmaternity, happy-mum maternity.

If you visit them, you will be certainly get your problem solved.

Good luck



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Maternity clothes for wheelchair bound (post #28601, reply #6 of 6)

Sweaters can be altered from the professional who is dealing in this field. Regarding pants for wheelchair bound, you can contact  tailor specifically dealing with lady clothing or you can also see online website, which can upto great exent solve your problelm.