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How to find style tape for draping

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Hi! I am very excited about learning to drape clothes on my new dress form. My textbook and also the Project Runway show use something called " style tape" which looks like a thin flexible black tape. Where on earth can I buy some?!?!?! Can anyone help? Thank you, Marianne

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These are the places that have good notions. I was just looking through the sewtrue site and think they have a great selection so you may want to start there. Sewing divas is good too.

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Thank you! I'm off now to start hunting....

Best regards,

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After going to all the sites you've listed, I still did not find the item. I am interested in knowing more about the red taping that the designers used in Project Runway. I'm surprised no local sources, such as JoAnn's sell this item. Where can it be purchased?

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I know it's been a while since you originally asked the question, but I have found a site where you can get Style Tape. It's also called Draping Tape. A company called Wawak has lots of stuff sewers and designers need. When you go to their site, in the Search box put "Draping Tape". They have both black and red. And they have discount prices.