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Gaping neckline on knit dress! Please...

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Hi! I am very new to sewing, and in trying to sew a princess seamed dress with a low neckline that I altered, the neckline now gapes! I've made it in a now discontinued suedecloth knit. I altered the neckline and the facing (worked well, I thought) and it seemed to go fine - read all the books I have on altering necklines and followed the directions, but now the neckline gapes pretty badly. I think I may have stretched the fabric as I stitched for also the shoulder seams don't match well. I used a lightweight interfacing that may be weighing it down (the suedecloth is very lightweight).

I would love to be able to fix this - I love the fabric! Is there anything that I can do to fix it? I made a shell, and it worked well with the muslin . . .

Thank you very, very much!!

Happy Sewing!!!

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You are probably right - you stretched it as you sewed. Did you stay-stitch around the neckline before you sewed on the facing? Since this is a polyester fabric, you may have some difficulty getting it back where it needs to be, but here's what to do. Take the facing off, press the seams flat and measure the neckline up against your pattern. You will see that it probably is larger than the pattern. You need to run a line of stitching slightly longer than your sewing stitch, but not as long as a gathering stitch, along the seamline and very gently ease in the fabric evenly on both sides of center front until it matches the pattern. work the fabric until there are no gathers anywhere, use a press cloth and lots of steam - don't touch the iron to the fabric and steam right along the seamline - on the wrong side of the fabric. Since it's a knit it should go back to where it is supposed to be. You then need to stabilize that with some staytape or 1/4" twill tape, recut your facing using the pattern and resew. The interfacing is needed on the facing to help keep the neckline from stretching out as you wear it - I don't know what you used, but fusiknit is good for knits. Hopefully this helps you.

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the threads site has information on gaping necklines that may also help:

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Connie, I know this is too late to be of any use to you, but you may want to consider curving the neckline seam slightly outwards when you next alter. The extra curve makes the fabric sit in towards the body much better as we are 3 dimensional and the paper patterns are flat. good Luck! kath