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Fitting a wrap dress

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Fitting a wrap dress (post #38410)


I have a question for everyone. I am preparing to make a wrap dress. It's this Connie Crawford design for Butterick patterns, #5898. I've made Connie Crawford designs before and I know I need to make adjustments to the pattern, but I'm trying to figure out how. In the past I had really good helpers to make sure it all fit properly, but now I don't have any. And no one I live with is competent enough for me to trust with pins and scissors. So I will have to muddle through on my own.

I am going to make a fitting muslin, but I wonder what fabric I should use because the pattern is designed for knit fabric. Should I just simply us musling fabric, or should I use a cheap knit fabric to reflect the design. My though is that by using muslin I would get a truer fit. The knit fabric may stretch in ways not expected in the fitting process, especially since I will be doing the fitting myself, and I could end up with an illfitting dress.

The back of the pattern is pretty straighforward back with no center seam or darts. It's the front that I wonder about. Each of the front panels are different and are cut individually which would make fitting odd. Or I could just not even worry about fitting the whole dress. I could just go ahead and make the adjustments like I did on previous Connie Crawford garments and be done with it.

Thank you for your help