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fitting upper arms

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fitting upper arms (post #36711)


On many of my jackets and blouses the front of the upper arm pulls and gets tight when I put my arm forward.  This makes it uncomfortable to type in work clothes.  What type of fitting issue is this?  I am having trouble identifying what I should change.  The arms fit great if I don't move or if I just bend at the elbow.  How do I get more range of motion without being baggy?

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Fitting Upper Arms (post #36711, reply #1 of 1)

It could be more ease is needed.  Measure the sleeves of those garments that fit well and compare with the ones that do not.  Add the difference to the pattern that has the tightness in the sleeves.

You may not need a larger size pattern if the armscye as well as the rest of the jacket is a comfortable fit.