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Fitting pants

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Fitting pants (post #36170)


I have a pattern for pants that fits me pretty good.  The only problem is that when I sit down the side seam pulls to the front and the inner seam pulls to the back.  I know that my pattern is on the grain so that is not the problem.  Any ideas on how to fix this?

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When you stand up straight in (post #36170, reply #1 of 2)

When you stand up straight in these pants do the side seams fall straight or are they already a bit forward?  Does the inseam fall straight?  If they look like they are straight down the sides you may need a little more room in the crotch.  There should also be some ease around your body.  If you are making tight fitting pants you will have this problem.  If you are working with a pattern cut the backs with a wider seam  at the thigh area on the inside leg up to the crotch(or let out the seam you have made on the present pair if you can) to see if this makes a difference.

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are there pleats in the front? (post #36170, reply #2 of 2)

I can't wear pants and have to wear jeans.  I think there's a difference and I have this problem  alot except if they are karate pants. I think the front of the pant has too much fabric or something like its pleated.  I'm not really telling you anything and not sure what I'm asking.  if you have something to add to my pant dilemma, I'd be pleased to hear it.  I only wear Levis jeans, the bootleg originally as workwear, so I guess I really don't know if I am ever comfortable in pants because the jeans you just put them on and the waist band is wider than you are and it just falls into place, and I dont know my size either.  I tried sewing pants and it has a saddle at the side like for somebody with big hips.  the only pant that ever worked is sewing from leather and using my levis as a template.  any ways that too is okay because I just let the waist fall to where it stops falling.