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Fitting Jeans using fitting tips for pants in August/September 2013 issue, p. 47

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In the process of altering jeans in order to knock them off for better fitting jeans.  I've made progress by pinning horizontally below the derriere on the left leg only. The fabric hangs considerably better although it could be better above the pinning.  I see diagonal wrinkles although I haven't been able to figure out what they mean. 

1.  I know I will need more fabric at the side seams about where the side of the pocket is. 

2.  Any ideas how to get a better fit above the pinning?

3.  Once that's accomplished, how do I adjust the pattern piece?  I'm not seeing how to accomplish this based on P. 47.


Thank you!


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Fitting jeans (post #37547, reply #1 of 2)

Hi Anne,

You're well on your way to a perfect fit. Thanks so much for the photos. They were extremely helpful, although it's still hard to tell exactly what might be causing your wrinkles above the pinning without seeing it in person. My guess is one of the following. Either the crotch curve needs to be adjusted a little bit just as it curves under the body to give the body a bit more space, or the pinning that you did isn't exactly even and needs to be pinched in just a bit more near the left side seam. In either case, I don't think the adjustment is a large one.

It's worth the trouble to create a muslin with the adjustments you've made, and then fit the new muslin again. Sometimes it takes several muslin fittings before the perfect fit is established.

Did you make the original pair of jeans? If so, measure all of the adjustments you've made and record them directly on the pattern and adjust the pattern as you have the pants. You'll want to read "Muslin Refined" in issue no. 151, pg. 48, and "How to Make a Muslin" in issue no. 121, pg. 58 which will also help you transfer your marks to the pattern.

Good luck!

April Mohr, Threads Editorial Dept.

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Continued fitting (post #37547, reply #2 of 2)

Hi, April,

Thanks for your post and encouragement.  I made much progress yesterday fitting the pattern I made out of Tru-Grid. 

The jeans were store bought.  I decided to copy them because the front fit so well .  I knew the back was going to be a real challenge.   The back fit of the store bought jeans and my better fit jeans will be as different as night and day!

Thanks again.

Anne Audette