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Fitting jacket neckline

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I have made a muslin for a jacket (Vogue8701). It has a fairly wide neckline. The collar fits close to my neck at the back but it sits out quite far from my neck at the sides. On the model, the jacket fits close to the neck at the sides. I'm not sure what alteration to make to get the collar to sit closer to my neck.

One thing to note is that I need a narrow shoulder adjustment of 3cm which I took out at the princess seams. This didn't affect how the collar fit though.



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Hi Holly, When altering a (post #36371, reply #1 of 1)

Hi Holly,

When altering a jacket with a collar that is sticking out in the back of the neck I take fabric out of the upper center back of the jacket and put a seam in the center back of the collar. If you have enough fabric left over you could cut a new smaller collar to fit.