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Can maternity clothes be altered to f...

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I have lots of nice maternity clothes and don't plan to have another child. How can I alter my maternity clothes to fit my normal size?



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Ellen, pants should be easy. Just take in the excess at the center front crotch seam and lower the center front waist. For Blouses and Dresses, the excess has to taked in at the center front to keep the grainline where it should be. This is most successful if they have center front seams. After they are taken in, the hem has to be evened to match the back hem.

If your pants have a maternity panel in them, they can't be altered.

If the blouse or dress has a yoke with gathered front sewn to it, just rip the seam and take out some of the gathers and recut the side seams.


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I found it very simple to alter my maternity clothes after the baby. But I planned ahead for this BEFORE I made my maternity clothes in the first place. I simply choose two patterns in similar styles, one that would fit after the baby came and one in maternity sizing. {I also knew that I would need extra bust room because I breast-feed all my babies.} I cut out the fabric on the larger Maternity pattern size. Then I laid the regular pattern on top of the already cut out fabric and traced around it with a wash out marker or chalk on the cutting line. Next I sewed a stitching line that would show me where the cutting line should be after the baby comes. This stitching line must not show on the outside of the fabric so to do this I used the BLINDHEM STITCH with a matching thread in the bobbin and a contrasting thread in the top, and I tightened up the upper thread tension just a bit. Next I folded the fabric along the cutting line and stitched a line of stitching for later use.
After the baby comes all I had to do was cut on that line and resew my garment together. And it worked too. Only problem is that with this last child I didn't lose all the weight that I thought that I would, but that was OK too because I still had some extra room to allow for this.

Mother of five: ages 18, 16, 13, 6, and now 1. And I think he this will be the last one.

And now how to get this extra weight off???