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Best way to "downsize" or alter RT blouse...???

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Hi there,

I purchased a blouse via an online speciality store, only to find it huuuuuge all over. In short, I should've ordered a Medium, but ordered a Large. I'm basically stuck with it as a return is too much of a hassle with this site (no, I don't want a credit!). Based on the photo, what would be the best way to alter this little number? Hopefully you can see where it has darts in the bust (and on back as well). The "belt" there isn't functional, only decorative. I almost though about taking it off and making it a real "belt" of sorts on the back, but kind of like the look it has, so I nixed that idea. Should I take add more darts or make them bigger or should I alter at the side seams. Your thoughts are appreciated!! Oh nooo...the photo won't upload!! oh well.



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best way to downsize or alter RT blouse (post #35181, reply #1 of 3)

It's interesting to me that you didn't mention the shoulders.  If it is that much too big I would expect the shoulder seams to be much too wide.  If they are too wide,  I would start with that because it will automatically create changes in your side seams and bust. When you remove the sleeves you can take in the sides before reinserting the sleeves. In my opinion droopy shoulder seams and sleeves not only looks sloppy but adds the illusion of extra lbs and  often  hinders arm movement.   Also, if it's really that much too big I wouldn't try to take too  much more out of the existing darts, but would add some more. 

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re: Ralphetta, you are so right!! (post #35181, reply #2 of 3)

Yeah, basically the whole dang blouse is a size too big. I often buy things too big in light of the fact that I'm kind of full busted and have wide rib cage (36D). I'm going to have to be super careful taking this apart. Scary process!! So, I can remove the sleeves! Eeek!! I'm going to try and upload photo again so you can see the details and challenges they present.




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re: photo will not load (post #35181, reply #3 of 3)

Description of blouse: the design is similar to a "dress shirt" in that the back has back "yoke", I guess, that attaches to a one piece back with the darts. The blouse has a collar with buttoned "straps" attached to sleeve top and shoulder (for a "military look"). the front has a v-neck-shaped button-up that comprises of- darted bust area which ends at, what I consider, the narrow part of the rib cage (where the band of your bra lies) with bias tape. From there on down, each side of the blouse has two pieces, in essence panels. The interesting thing is it's a striped blouse that has horizontal stripes for an elongated look as well as diagonal for a slimming look. They also present problems in keeping things "lined-up" right should I decide to take this puppy apart. I hope my description is helpful, not a cluster bomb of confusion...hehe.