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Altering the shoulders on a beaded dress

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My son is getting married next Saturday. I bought a lovely, long, beaded dress for the occasion. The alterer, though I gave her plenty of time, did take up the hem but did not put a bra strap carrier in as I requested. Also, I had her take out the bra cups--big mistake. Anyway, we ran out of time for her to do any other adjustments, but I really need to take up the dress at the shoulders. If I take it up at the shoulders, it will help the dress fit me in the right place (I'm high waisted). The alterer paid me no mind when I told her that the midriff band hit me at the waist instead of midriff, so I'm going to have to make the adjustment myself. I realize it means taking beading out of seams and possibly even re-sewing some. That's fine. But my real question is: if I raise the shoulders, do I need to lower the lower armhole? Also, would raising the shoulders affect the sleeve cap? I am very new to this, but I really want this beautiful dress to fit properly.  Thank you. Marilyn