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Altered dress and now the armholes are too tight

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I just had a Milly dress altered at the tailor's and now the armholes are too tight. When we pinned it, it didn't fit too tight. She took up the shoulders (it's a sleeveless dress) and then took in the sides b/c she said it was almost 2 sizes too big -- I had a baby and had to buy a bigger size at the time.  So it seems that she might have taken up the shoulders more than we had originally pinned.  But now she's saying she's going to let out the sides near the armpits rather than take down the shoulders -- which would seem easier and more straight forward to me. 

Anyways -- I'm really upset since it was a nice dress that I've only worn once.  And also she was yelling at me and talking over me about how we pinned it and that *I* was the one that said I wanted it very narrow.  This is not the case at all -- i just wanted it to fit better so I could wear it this weekend.

So I'm hoping those on the forum might give me some reassurance that my dress will come back okay.  I paid alot to have it altered this way (rather than just taking in the back along the zipper).  And now it seems like its way too small!