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Woolly nylon thread on sewing machines

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How do you thread your sewing machine using woolly nylon thread? do you thread both your top and bobbin with woolly nylon cotton or mix the woolly with polyster cotton? 

My needle keeps unthreading and snaps the twin needle. what size twin needle?.I can't get the stitching right.

I'm trying to make swimsuits and cannot get my machine to stitch well.

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Woolly nylon for swimsuits (post #43654, reply #1 of 1)


I suggest you use woolly nylon in the bobbin only; hand-wind it with medium tension. In the needle (or needles, if you're using a twin needle to sew edges), use regular polyester sewing thread. Sew with the bobbin tension loosened a little bit. You'll want to make a few samples to test the tension.

Carol Fresia

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