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Website to buy and sell old Threads

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I've been trying to find a website which someone mentioned earlier this year where old copies of Threads were bought and sold.  I've kept the info somewhere but cannot find it!  Would some kind soul please let me know.

Many thanks.... Cynthia in UK

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Threads Back Issues from The Taunton Press

If what you're looking for isn't there you could do a search at the website.

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Thank you for this website but it isn't the one I was thinking of, I wanted the one where editions for sale and wanted were posted by private ads, it was nothing to do with the Taunton Press Back Issues.



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Could it have been ebay?


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No, it wasn't Ebay for sure.

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I've now found it.... though don't know how upto date it is now.


Thanks for trying... Cynthia

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Was it the Rummage Ads page?  It  had been down for many months but the original owner is now operating it again.



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Thanks Carol, that is the one I remembered, I found it earlier today...see message 6 in this thread....looks as though its out of date.

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I hope you don't mind the intrusion but I thought of an alternative for you to look at. Try - the site has a "Classifieds" section for people to post all sorts of sewing related items (including magazines) that they either want to buy or sell. I drooled over some of the recent things for sale.

You can list which issues you're looking for and some kind soul will reply - I love all these sewing sites.

Good luck|

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Thank you, I've actually been asking for this information for my email friend in the US.  She's wanting to complete her Threads collection.  I do have a many Threads magazines but find people in US are reluctant to post to UK.


I do read frequently but I am not a paid up member and I have never noticed the classified ads sections.


Thanks again, Cynthia

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Issues for sale (post #30804, reply #11 of 12)

I have a large number of Threads, starting with the Premier Issue going through 2007 (some are missing), that I would like to sell.


Let me know if you are still interested, or if you came up with some other venues to buy/sell old issues.


Thanks, Lori

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Thanks, I was looking for one website also !