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Threads January 2018 Issue

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Seriously Threads! First I have never written to you before because for the most part I have enjoyed reading Threads magazine over the past 40 years. Naturally, I was excited when I saw on the front cover of the January 2018 issue, “Easy Fixes for Gaping Necklines.” I immediately turned to see what new instructions were discussed only to find advertising for products. In fact it reminded me of a coworker with this issue. I complemented her on a top she was wearing. She said, she loves the top but the neckline gaps. The seamstress in me looked at it and said, “It looks fine to me.” She pulled off her jacket and she me what she did. She overlapped the blouse in the back and put a paper lip on it. What I am saying is people can use a paper lip and it doesn’t cost anything. If it’s not a fine fabric they maybe able to staple the fabric. Bottom line the title of your article should have been, Products to fix a gaping neckline.