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Tension tightens on its own

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I'm trying to find an answer for my Dad, but I also sew. He says his 30? year old Kenmore is having a problem where it sees correct stitches,  but when he goes to pull the fabric out to skip the threads, it snaps the top thread. He knows how to correctly set up top or bottom tension, so that's not it (and that's all I can find on the internet). Any ideas? I had him clean the tension discs,  but it didn't help. He's afraid of taking things too much apart and doesn't have much extra money to just take it to a shop. Thanks! 

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Releasing Tension (post #45484, reply #1 of 3)

Is he lifting the presser foot before removing the fabric???  If that doesn't do the trick, try continuing to sew on a scrap and then cut the thread between the two fabrics.

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ohh, I can't even imagine (post #45484, reply #2 of 3)

ohh, I can't even imagine what to do(
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"reply to 30 yr. old Kenmore sew machine: (post #45484, reply #3 of 3)

yes, we are kindred spirits it seems---his 30 yr old Kenmore machine, and my old  Kenmore machine which was a model "with stretch-stitch mechanism"which the Kenmore company never installed in it, in mine. your dad probably got the same bad sew company, Kenmore, that I did; in mine,i found out, yrs later, they never even finished making the whole machine!!!   yeah, my machine can't do the stretch stitch!!--that i paid for!!!--i advise yer dad to either get it repaired, or even better, ditch the Kenmore, and get a real sew machine.   and DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM KENMORE OR FRIGIDAIRE CO. ---I am witness, they only make bad junk now.   even years ago, like my old machine, they were turning out cardboard crap. --my fairly new fridge is falling apart--just when it was new--now i won't buy an apliance except on a payment plan--so i can dump the product, before i spend hundreds of bucks on it, when it falls apart like silly putty. ---Look what globalization has brought us!!!  what fun!!!   HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!