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Patternmaking Software

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I am looking for a patternmaking software and would greatly appreciate it, if someone could share some advice on which is the best software to purchase in terms of fit, ease of use and price point.

One of my friends mentioned to me that I would be better off using the Lutterloh system instead.  I know nothing about Lutterloh neither -- never heard of it.



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I own the Lutterloh system. (post #35882, reply #1 of 5)

I own the Lutterloh system.  They provide you with mini patterns, you take a bunch of measurements and expand the pattern..  It does work but is time consuming and can be frustrating.  And I didn't find them to be very accurate.  The patterns are updated by purchasing the new set a couple of times a year.   I haven't updated any in years.  You need to know basic pattern construction.  I assume the software does the same kind of thing.  You take a bunch of measurements and enter them and print off a bunch of pages to tape together.  Somewhere on the internet there must be a comparison of pattern making software.

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A few years ago, Threads did (post #35882, reply #2 of 5)

A few years ago, Threads did an article comparing different software programs.  Since software usually changes over time, I don't know how accurate the information is now.  It would be a place to start to become acquainted with different software companies.  Some have a trial you can download for free. 

I have Wild Ginger programs, so can only comment of those.  You do not automatically get a pattern that fits by taking measurements, inserting the numbers, printing out the pattern, taping the pattern together, cutting out the garment, and sewing it together.  There is a learning curve.  How steep it is depends upon how much knowledge you have.  If you are new to sewing, this is not the way to go.  You have to understand how pieces go together to create a garment.  You also need to understand ease and how it affects fit. 

Wild Ginger programs give you the freedom to create and the tools to do it with.  You can select different styles with different sleeves, different darts, etc.  There is also a part of the program where you can "draw" called Pattern Editor.   You can start from scratch or open a style you have created and make changes to it.

There is a Wild Ginger forum where you can go to ask questions.  Part is public, so you don't need to own the program.  There is a private forum for those of us who do have the programs.  It is a valuable resource.

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garment software (post #35882, reply #3 of 5)

Some days ago I posted a note about an excellent software that gives you thousands of options to design, it is

I hope this gets posted

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Cochenille Pattern Making Software (post #35882, reply #4 of 5)

I would like my high school students to use a pattern drafting software to design and sew simple garments.  The software programs that I've read about are Garment Designer by Cochenille, PatternMaster by Wild Ginger, and Fittingly Sew by Softbyte.  All of them seem to have free trial downloads.  Before I go there, I'd like to know what people in the sewing community think.  If you have any recommendations, warnings, comments about these or any other pattern drafting software programs that are compatible with a PC, I would appreciate your feedback!  Are you still happy with Cochenille?

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My Sloper, by Kosher Patterns (post #35882, reply #5 of 5)

There is a new exciting Web 2.0 Pattern Making Software that you can try out.

It is located at

You can read the FAQs and find out what it offers.