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Hello  - Threads is one of my favorite magazines. Great directions, great photos -and in general, very informative and helpful. Atttention to detail is superb.

However, in volume #168 - the article on "A Great New Way to Fit Trousers"  while informative, left me speachless at the end result of the brown pants shown on page 44 and page 48.  I have never seen such ill-fitting pants done by professionals as this pair of trousers. The back view on page 48 clearly shows "drag lines" at the seat of the pants and also "drag lines" at the right side seam = clearly too much fabric for a great fit. What was so shocking to me was that three pages were devoted to getting a good fit. They clearly missed the mark. I can't help but wonder if others noticed this ill-fit pair of trousers. I understand that dressier pants usually fit a bit looser than some more casual styles, but this just "floored" me !   Jan Johnson - Culver Indiana

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A Great New Way to Fit Trousers/Threads 168 (post #36726, reply #1 of 2)

The designers created a perfect fit so refreshing from the "poured-on" look many females are wearing today.

Slacks/trousers should hang effortless from the waist and Sarah looks like a fashion star in the pants fitted just for her. 

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Reply from Threads Editor Sarah McFarland (post #36726, reply #2 of 2)

Dear Jan,

First, let me thank you for being a fan of the magazine and an observant reader. Next, I want to address your comments on the pants fit. There were some serious factors working against a fit you would have considered perfect.

The article was actually quite an achievement for us, since it was done all long-distance. Threads is based in Newtown, Connecticut, while Joyce Murphy lives in Michigan. The sample pant fittings were done via Skype. I just happen to like a more loose, Katherine Hepburn-style of trouser, and specifically choose a pattern and fabric for a drapey look. Added to that, we worked on “action” shots, and it’s just impossible to keep the clothes from showing any lines when the body is in motion.

Garment advertising and fashion magazines photoshop their images to a much greater degree. I feel it is unfair to extensively alter our garments digitally, even though that means they don’t always look as perfect as the marketing images we see so frequently. I do regret that the pants didn’t meet your standards, but I hope you will take into account, now that you know, that Joyce and I were never in the same room. Her fitting system does work wonderfully, and I know that she is always eager to address concerns or questions. Thanks again for reading and sharing your thoughts in our forum.



Sarah McFarland


Best Regards,

Evamarie Gomez
Web Producer