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I subscribed to the print version for many years.  I love the magazine, but they pile up and when I wanted to reference something often couldn't find the relevent issue. An INSIDER subscription seemed a wonderful way to have it all without taking up shelf space, but no, the website is cumbersome, slow and so full of ads it's painful.  You are no longer in local stores.  I see the writing on the wall, too bad you don't.  I loved you Threads, but I'm leaving you.

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wow, so bad... (post #48811, reply #1 of 2)

wow, so bad...
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Subscription (post #48811, reply #2 of 2)

Its not just the sewing magazines that are taking a hit.  Everything sewing seems to be disapearing.   Ever notice how so many people are walking around with their heads down, looking at their electronic gagdet!!  The world is going right by and they are totally oblivious.

Back to Threads Magazine.  I found the DVDs are much easier for searching the magazines for various articles.