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Light for the sewing room

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My eyes lit up when I saw the title of your recent article about Helen Haughey's revamped sewing room.  However, there was almost NO discussion of lighting beyond the title other than sewing and cutting surfaces are now lit by an overhead flourescent pendant light.  What does that look like?  I have the same problem with "old eyes" that Ms. Haughey has, and I am in the process of turning a small bedroom into a sewing room, so any lighting tips that you or anyone else can provide will be most welcome.  Thanks!

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Sewing Room: Helen Haughey's space (post #37857, reply #1 of 2)


For more information on Helen Haughey’s sewing room, be sure to check out this web extra from issue #174 (August/September 2014):

The overhead lighting found in Helen’s studio can be seen, albeit small, in the first image featured in the post.

If you’re a subscriber, please refer to the article “Illuminating Spaces” (p. 48) from Threads #172. This story specifically focuses on designing a lighting plan for your sewing room.

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Light for the Sewing Room (post #37857, reply #2 of 2)

It could be this was not addressed as each home can differ and may require an electrician.

The room in the article has large windows and mirrors which can reflect light into the room.

I use Ott lamps where additional lighting is needed.

Many TOL sewing and serging machines come with "stadium" lighting which is totally awsome.

Light color paint on the walls would be another way to lighten up a room.


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