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Fusible interfacing question

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I was just watching some Louise Cutting videos on interfacings. She was using fusibles and I generally avoid them. I know most people love them...

Anyway, she described one as a "low temp fusible" and said that it would work well when fused to linen to help minimize wrinkling. I think many of my issues with fusibles stem from temperature issues. If you fuse with low temperatures, when you later iron the garment, you need high heat and now you have subjected your low temp fusible to high heat. I often find my fusibles initially look fine, and then I later find issues with it bubbling and I lose the good fuse. Can anyone help me reconcile this temperature question?

TIA Lillian 

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Fusible Interfacing. (post #38278, reply #1 of 1)

Choose according to the care the fabric will require.  In the shop, you can read the end of the bolt.  Make sure the clerk includes the wrapper with the instructions and keep the two together as your collection will grow.  Online, the description should provide enough information to make a selection.  Do the same as for the store selection and keep the care information for each of the various selections.


Many, many years ago my Mother-In-Law was a seamstress and many of the supplies and notions we have today where not to be had.  She used the fashion fabric as interfacing.  It was sewn in as fusible was unheard of for clothing.