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Bias Pants -- SHORT Shorts

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I've completed the two mirror image tubes, but instead of 25" long, they are 17" long.  Started out trying a pair of shorts with leftover fabric for a test drive, so nothing lost to speak of.

Hmmm....not sure if I:

a.  messed up the math (hey, I got out my calculator!) -- maybe multiplied instead of divided or the other way around.

b.  rotated the rectangles (could blame it on dislexia, but I marked the "top/waist" of each rectangles before any sewing)

c.  misread something (bifocals -- and watching tv!)

But, after comparing to a pair of pants I like for the crotch curve, I don't think the circumference calculation is off, just the length one.

...and I am planning to try using the crotch curve scraps to make pockets -- if not on this test pair, I'll try it on the next one.

But, hey, I know I managed to sew the tubes correctly, since my actuals matched up VERY will with your picture, so that part of the bias pattern test drive worked for me.

Anyone else out there having a little too much fun with this pattern?

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Duh....forgot to follow the (post #36407, reply #1 of 1)

Duh....forgot to follow the last instruction / calculation:  needed to divide by 0.7 !    That's why test drives (at least for me) are important!