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Wool/silk blends

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Can I sew a straight dress with a wool/silk blend fabric cut on the bias? Will it hang correctly or will it be hang funny ? Thanks for your help
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Your wool-silk fabric (post #35842, reply #1 of 2)

Your wool-silk fabric probably has silk warp and wool weft, so is not a "balanced", or even, weave.  The two fibers will have different amounts of stretch, so when the fabric is placed on the bias, it will twist or ripple.  On the other hand, your fabric may be woven from yarn made of blended silk and wool fibers.  You can test this by pinning a square piece to the wall by one corner, and letting it hang for a few days.  If it is still a square, or nearly so, when you take it down, it will work.  Threads had an article on Madeline Vionnet some time back that explained how she worked with her fabric--you may be able to track that down.  Good luck!

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important factors (post #35842, reply #2 of 2)

the weight, hand, nap, and pattern/print are some important factors.  weave and color/shade as well. if the fabric is too heavy your garment might fan out.  if there is a nap or one way pattern, or specific shading, your garment might look undesirably geometric.  I think limpier fabrics drape better.  if you think it is too drapey, then you could add a stabilizer fabric inbetween the main shell and the lining.