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Velvet embossing

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Am new to this forum!

Does anyone know a way to emboss velvet onto other kinds of fabrics? I sure know how to emboss velvet but i want something like a velvet transfer onto other fabrics.

Ive heard of flocking guns that can produce such an effect onto fabrics, does anyone know anything about this at all? Any information would really be helpful!





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Have you thought of apploque? machine or otherwise? The flocked fabrics I remember were pretty gross, IMO.

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I agree; applique would be the best way to go and could be very beautiful, especially on a sheer background. The term "flocking gun" brings to mind Christmas tree lots and the spectre of a ghastly mess in the sewing room; it might be extremely expensive, too.

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My husband gets catalogues for tools and woodworking with velvet embossing supplies in them.  Rocklers comes to mind.  They are mainly used for lining hand made boxes.


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Jane Dunnewold's book Complex Cloth has info about flocking tho I don't think she mentins flocking guns.