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Underlining for 4-ply silk crepe

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I am making a draped, one-shouldered dress out of a white 4-ply silk.  It will be my wedding dress, but it is more of a casual, beachy look.  The 4-ply silk in the white is a little more transparent than I would like and I would like a little more coverage to smooth out any lumps and bumps in my figure.  Does anyone have any reccomendations for the best underlining in this situation.  I have seen that a lot of people use silk organza or charmeuse, but I don't think those would help much with either of my issues.  I thought about maybe a cotton or silk broadcloth, lightweight twill, or cotton flannel. I don't want to impact the drape too much, but I'd like a little bit heavier feel.  Does anyone have any ideas?