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Tulles vs. bridal illusion

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Good afternoon,


I have searched the forums and can't find a post that relates specifically to this so I hope I'm not duplicating anything.  I do custom beadwork and until now haven't been commissioned to do anything too ornate and have mainly stuck with tool for my beaded veils due to cost and the fact that I work on lace sewn to the tulle generally (i.e. mantilla style).  

However, today I received a request for a cathedral veil that's incredibly ornate and beautiful, but since I've never done anything this potentially heavy, I'm wondering if anyone out there could suggest the right fabric (silk tulle?) in regards to stitching glass & crystal beads in heavy ornate patterns.

Thanks for your help!



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Can you stop by a bridal shop (post #35912, reply #1 of 2)

Can you stop by a bridal shop and look at something similar to see what they use?

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Good question... (post #35912, reply #2 of 2)

And I think I'm really just being lazy and don't want to be sucked into a bridal shop.  :-)  I actually reached out to another beader and she gave me some great ideas how to use the bridal illusion but beading with a nylon first and then creating my own applique.  Thank you for reaching out.  Wish me luck!