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Swimwear Supplies

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Hi Everyone,

Could you please give me some online resources of swimwear fabrics and supplies at good prices? The fabrics I've seen at my local store and at a few places I've looked at online either have no selection or look like curtain fabric. This is my first time attempting swimsuits so I need the works: fabrics, hooks, lining, bra cups, etc.


Also, if I were to add a "tummy control" panel in the suit, how would I go about doing it and what would I make it from?


Thank you so much!




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Here are some resources for swimwear and lycra... - big selection and very helpful

Good Luck

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Thank you so much! I have bookmarked all these sites and plan to go through each one. Thank you so much for your help. I'm so happy to see some fabrics that look like they could make decent suits instead of coverings for furniture :)

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That's such a funny comment.  I'm going to start thinking about the new bathrobe I made as a slipcover.                        rjf


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Hello K. and Everyone

Here is another resource for swimwear:

All the best

K. (too)

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(post #27887, reply #5 of 6) also has supplies and, I believe, fabrics. I've found their customer service quite good. They carry Kwik Sew patterns and the pattern books (look for "Swim and Activewear" or some such title by Kwik Sew--it has lots of designs with ideas for creating different styles of suits).

This morning I noticed that is selling a variety of swimsuit fabrics at good prices, in prints and solids. I'm tempted...but I've already got a small stash of bathing suit fabric to work with, when I get up the nerve! It's been a while since I last wore a bathing suit and I think my needs have changed!


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Swimwear fabrics from the best designers (post #27887, reply #6 of 6)

The Remnant Warehouse is one of the best sources, because they buy remnant fabrics DIRECTLY from the swimwear labels, like Jets, Seafolly, Baku etc. Australian designer swimwear brands have some of the best fabrics in the world!

If you are in Australia, here's the link directly to the Swimwear Fabrics 

If you are in New Zealand, the link directly to the Swimwear Fabrics

If you are in the USA or other countries, the link directly to the Swimwear Fabrics is here