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suitable fabric for "winter slip"?

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I like longer skirts with a flare and have started to wear them more often recently.
I would like to make a "winter slip", something that can be worn comfortably under a longer skirt for extra warmth.

I am looking for a material that is not too bulky, but still can add some warmth.
Has anyone ever made something like this?

What would you recommend?

Many thanks

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winter slip fabric (post #34071, reply #1 of 5)

Emma one sock carries various types of linings.  This is one of my favorite sites for buying fabric.

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This could be an excellent (post #34071, reply #2 of 5)

This could be an excellent reason to play with "satin-backed flannel" (or "flannel-backed satin"  - different mfgrs. use different terms, I think).

I'd make the 'flannel' side the outside of the slip, so that it sorta grabs the skirt fabric, and the 'satin' side slides against your legs - at least that's the theory I'd start with! LOL (French seams would make it reversible, just in case)


Let us know how it goes!




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how about a reversible slip? (post #34071, reply #3 of 5)

if you made the slip out of the same style as the skirt, a bit narrower and a bit shorter and reversible, on the cold days you could feel very snuggly with the flannel side against you and the smooth side would prevent the skirt from clinging on to the slip and allow the outfit to flow more

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Thanks for tips (post #34071, reply #4 of 5)

Thank you all for tip on fabric, I found some lovely and very soft flannel/satin fabric on my way home tonight.
I plan to prewash it first and then see about how to cut it to fit my selection of skirts.

The fabric came in many colors - if this works out well I will probably go back to get more of a different color.

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That's great (post #34071, reply #5 of 5)

let us know how it turns out.  What is your plan for the closure?