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Sewing Tyvek

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Sewing Tyvek (post #28020)

Tyvek is a fiber used for protective wear.  It is touted by embellishment artists and experimental fiber artists.  I have yet to see a garment produced that was not safty wear.  Has anyone tried to sew with this fabric?  I have played with it and used it on fabric postcards and STC(arists trading cards).  I would like to see some of the wearables made from it.  So anyone know of any?

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I have a jacket made of tyvek I bought in Galveston, it has a map of the world on it. (yes, I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders!) The jacket is very light weight, really windproof and waterproof. The zipper, knit cuffs and hem are the heavy part of the jacket, I love the jacket and have worn it quite a bit, areas of the arms that get a lot of wear are no longer waterproof, and as the jacket construction was not done all that well, there were many stress areas on the stitching that have pulled, but not really torn through. Tyvek is not breathable, it is often used now for some camping equipment (groundcloths and such since it is waterproof and very light weight. There are 2 (or maybe more) weights of it, the house wrpa is a heavier weight than what is usually used in clothing. it is also used for kites. if you do a google search for it, youcan find osme websites that will sell it by the yard in the kite weight,which is not printed. otherwise you get it at Home Depot ( or simmilar place) and its printed with "house Wrap" all over it.