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Pre dry clean fabric

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I always prewash my washable fabrics.  It has been a long time since I used a dry clean only fabric.  I have just purchased several pieces of wool to make a couple of jackets.  I wanted to take them to a dry cleaner to have them "precleaned".  I wanted thoughts and suggestions regarding whether this is necessary.  I would never consider making a garmet without "prewashing".  However, my cleaner was a little preplexed today about what to charge me and what to do.  Thank you.

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pre-washing only shrinks and softens fabric, which is advisable when sewiing so that the garment pieces won't change shape, size and drape individually after the first wash, causing poor fitting, and puckering at seams.

dry cleaning does not change shape, size or drape and is unneccessary before cutting pattern pieces.

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Thank you.

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I always bring my wool yardage to the cleaners to be "steamed" only, no cleaning. Many moons ago I worked in a garment factory that did most of its work in wools. They were not always "sponged" and we would have to send them out for sponging when that happened. So I don't trust wool yardage to be ready for a good steam press unless I have had it steamed. JMHO

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Many thanks for this discussion. Months ago I took some wool yardage to a dry cleaner and asked them to shrink it for me and they said, "we can't do that because we don't have any hot water." It surprised me and I said, "ok" ....I realized later that I just wanted it steamed. Live and learn......thanks again. Barbara

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indeed, live and learn!