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Please help with lace overlay!

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I want to sew a jacket (similar to the one pictured) with a full lace overylay.  I am familiar and have sewn many lace applique's but I want to completely cover the jacket with overlay.  I have tried Bondaweb (web adhesive paper) and it worked great, but took all the stretch out of the fabric (poly lycra) and made the garment overall heavy and thick, didn't drape nicely.  I have tried a spray adhesive, and although it was better than the web adhesive paper as far as stretch, it made the fabric too stiff and again didn't drape nicely.

I have sewn very large pieces of lace applique and it seems I always have a gap between the two fabrics and it doesn't lay as nicely against the base fabric, the poly lycra fabric folding one way and the lace overlay folding another way.

How can I make a jacket look like this one with the lace overlay.  It looks like it is somehow adhered to the fabric, as if it it were one piece.  There are no gaps between the two fabrics at all!  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!  


Thank you!