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Make Your Own Duvet Cover Sets

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Hi Everyone,

                  I wanted to share a present idea with you all. For my little niece,who is quite crafty-i made up a do your design your own duvet cover set'. It was really easy,not too expensive. King of Cotton's Duvets wrap you up in luxury. Purchase a new duvet today and sleep easy knowing your comfort hasn't cost the earth.

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Not an adversitement: (post #36268, reply #1 of 1)

my method is less expensive and its like ikea... make a few if you want and you get a set:  I sew the pieces together to the bed size I want, and I sew two cut pieces of 100% linen and turn that inside out and close the ends. Its a great comforter or duvet minus the price and the fiber fill doesn't rip.  As long as the top cloth is absorbant./able, this method works great.  you can get any type of artice fleec that is on sale, so the color and print doesn't matter cause its all inside and sealed.