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Looking for cotton flannel fabric

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I am looking for solid color cotton flannel for my husbands winter work shirts. Flannel for pajamas is not sturdy enough for shirts.  Does anyone have a mail order source to suggest?

Thanks for your help. Suzi

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i would try,another one to try is,,they will even send you a sample if you wish,for a price of coarse. hope this helps.

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Thanks, I have tried both and neither has what I need at this point.  Suzi

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Suzi, has heavier weight flannel.


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Thanks for the info.  That is one site I didn't know about.  Will check it out.  Suzi

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Thank you for the suggestion.  Suzi

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I have in stock several colors of 100% cotton chamois cloth - heavyweight, napped on both sides - as seen for shirts in LL Bean and Lands Ends catalogs. Contact me for further information.

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Dear Joy,

I usually make the shirts in navy, hunter green, red, or maroon.  Do you have any of these colors?  How much a yard and how wide is the fabric? 


Thanks,  Suzi

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As joy mentioned, you're probably looking for chamois cloth rather than flannel; it's widely available in a lot of colors, is a dream to sew with, and makes up into wonderfully warm shirts that wear forever. 

Chamois cloth is usually shelved near the corduroys and bottomweight fabrics, and stores tend to stock up on it in fall and winter but don't have much in the summer.

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Cotton Chamois Cloth (post #28533, reply #17 of 19)

I am interested in 100% cotton chamois cloth and would appreciate availability information.  Thanks.

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I heartily recommend Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, IL.  Last year I bought a cotton flannel from Vogue when they had a booth at the Sewing Expo in Minneapolis, where I live.  It was soft and luxurious yet durable and made up into a wonderful shirt for my husband.  It was not a solid color, but striped.  However, I visited Vogue's store in Evanston over the 4th of July weekend and was excited to find similarly soft and luxurious flannels in solid colors perfect for men's (and women's) shirts.  I bought yardage in both red and purple.  They had other colors, too.  I've forgotten the price but it was excellent for the quality.  These are also destined to be shirts for my husband, and he is not easy on his clothes.  Check Vogue's website, but also don't hesitate to call and describe what you are looking for.

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Thank you.  I will try them.  Suzi

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Cotton flannel (post #28533, reply #13 of 19)

If you are still looking,  has a good selection of cotton flannel

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Try (post #28533, reply #14 of 19)

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chamois cloth colors (post #28533, reply #15 of 19)

In response to your 8/10/10 inquiry, I do have in stock navy, red, burgundy and cranberry chamois - all are 60" wide.  If you would like samples, just e-mail your name and mailing address.

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actually I like the idea of cranberry even better (post #28533, reply #19 of 19)

I'd like more information on your cotton chamois cloth in burgandy and cranberrgy.  I'd like to make a bathrobe.  I had an LLBean one that wore out in burgundy, but they don't sell it anymore.  Would this cloth be a suitable weight for a bathrobe like the one I had from LLBean?

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I agree that is an excellent site for cotton flannel.  if you try searching through their site <search> you can find a lot more items that aren't advertised. 

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I am interested in your slection of cotton chamois cloth (post #28533, reply #18 of 19)

I think you said you had some in burgandy?