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I am not sure the fabric I ordered is really dupioni silk?

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I ordered navy silk dupioni from Denver Fabrics.  I have made several silk dupioni skirts but the fabric I was sent is nothing like the dupioni I have been using.  This fabric is dull and has no irridescence to it and is heavily textured much more than the silk dupioni I am used to.  This company sells this as silk dupioni so I would like to know, are there different textures in the silk dupioni?   

Fabric suppliers do not usually take returns but I expected my purchase to be iridescent and not so heavily textured.  Can anyone help me with this? 

I have inserted a picture of my red silk dupioni and the navy is the silk dupioni I just received from Denver Fabric. They are not the same. 

Thank you. 


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Not all dupioni is irridescent. When two different colors of silk thread are used, one warp, the other the weft, you get that irridescent effect. If both warp and weft are the same color you won't get that. As far as the nubs, I have purchased very expensive dupioni that had lots of nubs/slubs whatever you want to call them. It's the nature of the beast in my opinion and proof that it is silk. If the slubs seem regular and repetitive it could be a synthetic knockoff, like a poly shantung. But I have the feeling this is not the case.