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How to pull stretch fabric so it rolls with the "good" side out ("shred" scarves)

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I've been obsessed with making those shred scarves that are all over Pinterest. I am just fine with how to do the solid-color t-shirt scarves. But I wanted to try one with jersey knit prints.  There is a company who sells them (Dona Bela), so I bought one to deconstruct it. I also bought a similar scarf from Walmart.

  For both of these scarves, when the fabric is stretched at the factory, the fabric rolls up so that the "good" (printed) side is on the OUTSIDE of the roll.  No matter how I try, or cut the fabric, every time I stretch my knit fabric, the "good" side winds up on the INSIDE of the roll..

Is there a trick to this, or are these companies just having the print side reversed when they have the fabric made? The Dona Bela scarves recommend against washing, and the "loops" seem to have a bit of sizing or stiffener in them. The Walmart scarf recomments hand washing, but there is no sizing of any kind, as far as I could tell.

I've been looking all over for the answer to this, and can find nothing. I hope someone can help me! I'm totally into upcycling and would love to make these for my friends out of their old shirts. Thanks in advance.