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Fine quality robe velour

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I have a Christian Dior robe (vintage, but age unknown) that is made of the softest velour I've ever laid a hand on.  Problem?  It's had its day!  Where can I find a replacement for this robe or fabric like it?

It's a light to midweight velour, very fine knit on one side, nap on the other.  Incredibly soft hand, short nap (no visible loops), 100% cotton.

I'm going to wear it until it falls off, but I'd much rather make a new robe!

Any ideas on a source for this fabric? I've scoured stores & surfed to oblivion.

Becksnyc now in Ohio

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fine quality robe velour - (post #32701, reply #1 of 3)

>> Sigh <<      MO, you may have to resign yourself to the probability of finding another fabric for your robe.  

To my knowing, the industry contracts for X amount of yardage from a supplier.  Once this is cut, stitched, & sold to a retailer, it's likely the fashion house moves on to another project.  Duplicating fabric in the domestic market made for the industry is a very difficult.  Dare say impossible when the house making the fashion is a "name." 

Granted every once in a while one is able to find fabric that is an over-run in "outlet" sort of stores.  When Wal Mart was offering fabric, I found industry cuts now & again.  My daughter sent me on a quest for an interfacing.  She was quite surprised, but very pelased, when I came back with an entire bolt I found in a MA Wal Mart.   More the exception than the rule to be sure. 

Second markets such as antique stores sometimes have material.  Any chance you can browse any?    

If you can find a contrasting material, maybe you can salvage  a section of your beloved robe to use here & there.   A  pocket?  collar?  cuff?  applique?  monogram?  free form design? 

Keep us posted please.


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French terry? (post #32701, reply #2 of 3)

Maybe what you are looking for is available under a different name:  "French terry" or "Plush".  I found some soft grey cotton "velour" that sounds exactly like what you described at Joann's about five years ago, but it was called something else.  The plush cotton knits with a bit of spandex or microfiber are also very soft and would work.  Joann's had a line of sleepwear fabrics that had very soft options, too.

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French Terry - (post #32701, reply #3 of 3)

I've come to understand each JoAnn's varies  as to stock.   Despite browsing in PA, MA, NH, CT, DE the fabric you mentioned was absent from each store to my awareness.    Granted you mentioned it being 5 years ago.  Still, over time i've spent significant amounts of time in JoAnn's.  What you've described is worth stashing.  MO.  Have you stitched the grey cotton "velour" into a something?