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Fabric shops in Italy

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 Looking for quality apparel fabric shops in Italy - Rome & north.  Is fabric shopping there similar to fabric shopping in North America? Any pointers?

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Italy fabric shops (post #37894, reply #1 of 2)

I hope you had a good trip already.  I just started looking at the forums.

Italy is a big place. In the north, you don't want to be aggressive about bargaining, and most people are scrupulously honest in order to distinguish themselves from the stereotypical view of their cousins further south. Usually if you are a repeat customer you become "entitled" to a discount but by no means is it to be demanded. 

Shopping in general is a little different than it is here. Merchants don't expect people to handle things unless they are pretty serious about the item, but they will gladly show you many things before they expect you to get serious.  This holds true in Florence and most places north of that.  Strangely, in Genoa, there's a more aggressive bargaining culture and in some places in the south that is also the case.

My favorite fabric shop in Florence is Casa dei Tessuti.  It's very near the Duomo so you can't miss it.

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I don't posses much knowledge (post #37894, reply #2 of 2)

I don't posses much knowledge about the shops in Italy, but the one shop from where I do shopping for fabric is QualityTrade. You can get the all types of fabric with best quality at an affordable price ,so please do visit it and get the best.