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Fabirc identification

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Hello all -

I am a complete novice at materials and fabrics and I am trying to find out specifically what fabrics are being used in this particular fabric from Patagonia.  I see on their site they are listing the following but apparently this isnt specific enough when I am trying to source the fabric:

shell fabric:   2.4 oz 100% polyester ripstop
smooth lining:   2-oz 100% polyester plain weave
Insulation:  600-fill-power goose down

If anyone out there can help me identify the fabic being used or educate me a little on these types of shell fabrics I would be GREATLY appreciated!


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I don't know where you live. (post #36346, reply #1 of 2)

I don't know where you live. Try searching (google it) outdoor and/or sporting fabrics.  There are quite a few businesses around. Green Pepper comes immediately to mind.  Most of these out door or sporting fabric shops also sell a lot of patterns not seen elsewhere.  I personally have not seen poly rip stop fabric but no doubt it exists.  Nylon rips top has been available for years.  It is water reprellant, and tends to be quite warm as it is a tight weave and doesnt breathe.  I would think the poly may breathe a little better and be softer. At any rate, rip stop is robus fabric. Note that not all businesses give the weight of the fabric so should you find fabric on line you may need to phone to get the weight information.  There is a outdoor fabric shop in Seattle (name in the shop name) and one in the Canadian Rockies name of which I cannot recall.  Good luck. 

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Fabric Identification (post #36346, reply #2 of 2)

Rip Stop is nylon like you see in winter gear or kite making. Maybe there is a variation that is poly, or maybe the information is incorrect.

Does it matter?  I doubt it.  Either one melts if you hold a match to the edge.  Does that matter?  I doubt it.

Rip Stop is usually found near the back of the fabric store and not with fashion fabric.