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Corduroy nap

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I am going to sew a pair of corduroy pants, and I can't remember whether to lay out the pattern pieces with the nap going up or down.

Also, how do you press the seams without crushing the nap?

Any suggestions would be very helpful.  Thank you.


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I like the nap going down because it feels good. Most pants that I have seen rtw have it going down. Use a needle board, or a thick towel.

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If you use the nap going upward, the color will be deeper and richer, but the wear and tear of sitting will crush the nap at the seat, knees, and zipper. With the nap downward, the color is lighter, but the fabric won't show the wear and tear as much. No matter which effect you choose, make sure that all the pieces are using the same nap!

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what is rtw?

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rtw = ready to wear

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You need to hold up the fabric and look at yourself in a mirror Then chhose which look you want. I prefer the Darker more luscious look but if you want a sporty distressed look then maybe go the other way. The important thing is that your pieces all go the ONE way.

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Thank you for the info.  I think I am going with the nap down. The wear and tear described concerns me and the color of the fabric is dark brown and beautiful so I am not concerned with a lush look this time.

I made a copy of this thread so I can refer to your tips if I work with corduroy again. Thanks again.