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Choosing Cotton/Lycra blend for bodycon dress

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Choosing Cotton/Lycra blend for bodycon dress (post #36435)


I want to make a bodycon dress out of stretchy cotton. I want the material to be somewhat thick. I am trying to decide between these two fabric options;

95% cotton 5% lycra  9oz


90% cotton 10% lycra   12oz


I am wondering if 12 oz is too heavy for a dress?



Thank you,


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Cotton/lycra blends (post #36435, reply #1 of 1)

Hi, Sarah,

12-oz. fabric is fairly heavyweight, and would be suitable for leggings and activewear--but you can also use it for a dress. Heavier fabric tends to smooth out bumps and bulges better than lighter weights, but it doesn't drape as well. For a very fitted silhouette, it's probably fine. If you're planning on having ruching, gathers, or multiple layers, though, a lighter weight might work better.

Carol Fresia, Threads Technical Editors