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Chinese embroidered polyester

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I have been diagnosed with endrometrial cancer.  I will have 4 series of chemo, then surgery followed by a couple of more series of chemo.  I intend to face this with great sleepwear.  I can't find a beautiful bathrobe. Then I remembered that a friend had brought from China 8   pieces of embroidered Chinese polyester.  Quite heavy   It is somewhat similar to this.  I am a quilter, and, of course I would have preferred cotton or silk.  I have been somewhat at a loss as how to use this fabric.  I rather like the idea of a robe.


None of the pieces are large enough to make a robe so I will mix them.  What do you think I should use for a lining? I want the robe to be cosy.  I am thinking of using a knit as a lining but I am not sure.