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Care of rayon jersey

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In Threads #131, then Senior Editor Jennifer Sauer, says to "consider jersey's care instructions, then disregard them and start experimenting.  The aim is to machine wash and dry your finished creation,"  I washed a 4x4 piece of my 100% rayon jersey and it did shrink quite a bit.  So I made a shirt without washing it and plan to dry clean the garment.  However, I have more of this fabric and would like to use it for a child's dress.  Advice on washing 100% rayon?  Thank you!






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Hi Patty,   Thank you for (post #38952, reply #1 of 2)

Hi Patty,  

Thank you for reaching out to Threads. Here is what our editors have to say on this matter.

Wash rayon fabric first. Be sure to use hot water and run it through the dryer. For regular care of the garment, wash in cool water and hang—or lay flat, in the case of jersey—to dry, then iron with steam if necessary. Rayon, especially knits, can continue to shrink every time you wash and dry it, so it’s a good idea to treat it gently. This also minimizes any pilling that might occur.

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Hey Patty,  Rayon is one of (post #38952, reply #2 of 2)

Hey Patty, 

Rayon is one of the best fabrics to wear during any season of the year. However, you need to be careful while washing it as the process of washing rayon cloth is different from the rest. So, you need to dry-clean the cloth or hand wash it  with mild detergent and then air dry it seperately. I have purchased some new yardage from WomenWeave which is handwoven and looks amazing for any kind of shirt/jacket. Do check out their collection :)