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Beading a wedding veil

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I'm about to make my daughter's wedding veil, and she wants the edge beaded to match her gown. I did this once MANY yrs.ago ( long before stabalizers) and have forgotten how I did it. I really need some tips!  I'll be using small bugle and seed beads sewn in two rows at the edge of the veil. I've tried basting the tulle to muslin which is in a hoop, and I've tried beading using a wash-away stabalizer. I'm not satisfied with the results. Should I bead the veil before I cut it out or after? Would it be better to bead it 'in hand' vs. basted to muslin in a hoop? Any and all tips/suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!

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I think I'd cut it out and then bead.


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I've beaded veils several ways.  Beaded lace appliques before sewing to tule; using bridal glue to glue beads to tulle; and hand sewing beads to tulle with invisible nylon thread.  I think that the 3rd method would be best for you.  I don't use a hoop, just don't keep the thread on the loose side--not tight.  Cut out the veil, making it an inch bigger.  Bead the edge, then cut off the excess length.  That keeps the edge an even distance away from the beadwork.


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Hi!  Just dropped in to see what is happening here.  Been too long.  I am wondering if the beads have a pattern(repeat) or are just random.  I would string the beads on fishline, then sew them on the edge using a narrow zig zag stitch on the sewing machine.  You can do this before it is cut out, and then trim close.  Happy sewing...Cathy

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Hi Cathy!  Good to "see" you (post #34706, reply #4 of 4)

Hi Cathy!  Good to "see" you again. I've decided to bead it by hand, as its the only veil for a daughter I'll get to do...and I don't have an open toe or beading foot for my machine.  I'm sewing 2 rows of '3 bugle, 1 seed bead' and backstitching each bead.  I know it will take a long time, but I do it while I'm 'watching' TV.  I put muslin in a 10" hoop, cut out the center and am basting the tulle to the muslin.  I tried several ways to do this, and it seems to work the best for me. 

I finished a MOTB gown a few weeks ago and the client is supposed to send me a link to the wedding pix. (Wedding 02/12/11)  I'll post a couple when I get them.  I took a couple on my manequin, 'Wobbly Wanda', but they didn't turn out too well, so will have to wait on the others.  Thanks for the suggestions!