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advice on fabric choice

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Hi, Making an evening dress for my daughter......morphed 2 different patterns together.

So, I have the boned bodice which is made in red brick silk daughter wants different fabric for the skirt.

No stores where I live, so I have to rely on getting samples, which are always small and difficult sometimes to judge from.

I have a sample of silk crepe de chine, with silk habotai ( china silk) for the lining.............the skirt is not full, and has a very slight train. I will attach a pic which shows the bodice, with the attached toile of the skirt.............the bodice still has to have the lining put in which carries the spiral boning..........

Concerned that this fabric combination may be too flimsy against the boned bodice and look like she hasn't put her skirt over her petticoat. Am I over worrying on this point.

Would crepe be a better idea.....................I have ordered a sample of black 100% wool crepe, but would love anyones suggestions on what they think. Charlotte doesn't want dupion for the skirt.

Would be grateful for any input that can help me. I am on a bit of a deadline!


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Good combo (post #35986, reply #1 of 1)

The combination you are describing sounds wonderful.  The crepe would be another solid weight fabric that would not complement the bodice nearly as much as a filmy fabric would.  Another option would be chiffon over crepe de chin or the china silk.  With such a structured bodice, you want the skirt as fluid as possible, which may be why she doesn't want the dupioni.

The best way to choose a fabric in this case would be to put the bodice on her (or anyone), secure it with safety pins, then take lengths of various weights and kinds of fabrics and hold them up or safety pin the selvedges to the seam allowances at the bottom of the bodice.  Then have the model move around, walk, twirl, etc. a bit to observe how the different fabrics catch the light and move.  Cutting any of the choices on the bias would also add drape and contrasting qualities to the skirt.

Let us know what you choose!