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Accordian Pleat Fabrice

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I have some accordian pleated fabric that I want to make a blouse out of. Do I need a special pattern? 

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The accordion fabric will (post #35031, reply #1 of 1)

The accordion fabric will tell you what kind of blouse it needs to be, if you listen.  I'm guessing it will say, "something simple without too many seams, please, so I can be the star.  Maybe a raglan sleeve and a funnel neckline, or a bateau neckline and dropped shoulders."  Too bad the Sewing Workshop's Japonesque Top is out of print; I have used it with fabric like that.  Maybe you could find it on ebay.  You may need to bond the edges to freezeer paper to keep them from skewing all over the place as you sew--just rip it off later.  Hope this helps!