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Where can I find nice silver conchos ...

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Making Pendleton coat, want beautiful conchos, studs & buttons like on Double D Ranchwear Clothing. Thank you from Montana!

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Don't know the brand but have you tried Tandy Inc.? There used to be a store around here...last I knew Tandy went mail order.....nice jewelry grade Conchos and Studs as well as the pressed ones and all the leather supplies you could ever want,.

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You might try ordering a catalog from Rio Grande,

they are one of the biggest US jewelry making supply retailers. They do have some nice conchos (after all they're based in Albuquerque, NM). I buy my silversmithing supplies from them and they're very prompt and courteous.


p.s. don't base your opinion on their web site offerings. Their catalog is huge, their web site meager...

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I suggest that you look at the web site, . They do sell conchos and other stuff. Really, really neat clothes too. You'll like it.