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What features should I look for in a sewing machine?

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I'm finally learning how to sew after passively seeking a teacher for years. And I'm loving it. I think I want to invest in a machine, but the options seem virtually limitless, and they're pretty overwhelming. Any recommendations for specific features that I should look for?


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Sewing machine features (post #38885, reply #1 of 1)

Depends on what you want to sew.  For garments; blind hemming and good looking buttonholes.  Walking Foot is always handy.  Adjustable presser foot pressure for adjusting to less pressure for knits and light weight fabrics.

Take a few scraps for test driving the machine.

Buy the brand and model you like best from the dealer with whom you feel the most comfortable.   A good dealer can make or break your sewing experience.

Best wishes for many successful projects.