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Waxed Tracing Paper?

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Regarding Tracing Paper

I loved the old waxed tracing paper.  It was clean line, didn't fade until I washed and clear even on the bottom piece of fabric.   I like to trace the sewing lines as well as everything else on my muslins.  The new wax-free paper seems chalky, blurs the lines, fades quickly and comes off on the fabric.  In short, I haven't found a brand that seems to work. 

I have two questions:  Does anyone know (online is great) a place I can buy the old waxed tracing paper, or Can anyone recommend a wax free paper that leaves clear lines on both pieces of the pattern?  (I usually cut my fabric with the fashion fabric side on the inside making the wrong side on the outside of both pieces.) 

Thanks so much for your help.  Scrubble4


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Greenberg & Hammer

you want the "professional transfer paper" it comes in huge sheets that last for ever.

I've ordered from them several times for various items, you have to order by phone, it usually comes very promptly - just a satisfied customer

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jjgg;  Thank you so much. I went to the site and will order it tomorrow.  They also have a velvaboard so I think I will get it too.  Great source for me.  Thanks Scrubble4