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Viking dongle frustration

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I have a Viking Quilt Designer II.  When I bought it I bought the Viking Customizing Plus software.   I can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars on the new software, so I'm stuck with what I've had for years.  I don't really mind the Customizing plus software.  Problem is, my dongle is cracked on the inside and beyond repair.  So now I'm not able to use my embroidery unit because I have to load my designs onto a D-card that only works if the dongle is in the computer.  I've contacted my dealer and I've been told the dongles are no longer available and the only solution is to buy new Viking software.  Anybody know where I can purchase a used dongle?   The new software is very pricey and I miss my embroidery capabilities!'s picture

Dongle Frustration (post #35391, reply #1 of 2)

I suggest you try looking on line for one, or find an old sewing machine shop. I ussually go th old sewing machine shops thaty have a tendency to assist yu better than commercial sewing stores, like Joannn's.

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Keep looking - don't give (post #35391, reply #2 of 2)

Keep looking - don't give up.  There are sure to be people who have upgraded their computer and can now no longer use their dongle. 

I have a Bernina machine and when my computer gave up the ghost (windows 98 with Bernina version 3 software which I was very happy with) and I purchased a computer with windows 7.  My  version 3 software (and dongle) was not compatable.  I had to purchase version 6 which uses a USB type dongle and I lost the use of several hundred embroideries. 

I did not update after version 3 as I was very happy with what I had and could not see the value in updating for updatings sake.  Now even though I am not rolling in money I will try to update as new versions come.