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Used Viking Interlude 445

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Greetings -

I've reviewed the previous post and comments about the Viking Interlude 445 - but they were from 2004! 

I am an experienced sewer who's gotten very sidetracked and haven't done much for some time.  I collected signatures from wedding guests thinking I'd make a signature quilt for the bride and groom.  I want to scan the signatures and import them to a computerized sewing machine ... imagining then - voila!  I know I could be wayyyy off on the voila part. 

I have never used a computerized machine.  Have looked at them from time to time.   I'd like to be able to scan things into my computer, transfer to a jump drive and plug that into my sewing machine.  Is that even possible at any price on any machine?

So I just learned of a Viking Interlude 445 available from a church resale shop for $400.  It appears they are no longer in production, and thus current reviews not available.  Could anyone weigh in - is there a machine that does my "voila" for me that's affordable?  Or if that voila is not possible on the 445, a decade later, is there a newer machine that I'd be better off with than the 445? 

I think I've read that the 445 had a good button hole feature, ... that needle threader and thread cutting are desirable innovations but couldn't tell if the 445 has those.

I look forward to your replies.


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voila (post #38766, reply #1 of 1)

Voila for less than $1,000.  Maybe.  You need an embroidery machine and digitizing software. Check with your local sewing machine dealers.